Program and videos


9 May 2019

9:00 / Welcome and registration
9:30 /  Opening and presentation of the symposium

Meritxell Martorell. Mayoress of La Morera de Montsant
Jordi Sabaté. President of Priorat County Council
Teresa Jordà. Catalan Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food
Josep Maria Prunera. Tarragona Regional Council
Pilar Just. President of Prioritat
Pere Sala. Director of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia
Josep Manuel Rueda. Assistant Director-General of Protection of the Historic Heritage for the Catalan Ministry of Culture
Elisa de Cabo. Director of the Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency

BLOCK 1. Values of agricultural landscapes that are respectful to the idiosyncrasy of the territory

Presented and moderated by Clelia Maria Puzzo. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) 

10:00 / The values of agricultural landscapes. The case of Priorat-Montsant-Siurana

Joan Reguant. Coordinator of the Priorat-Montsant-Siurana Candidacy, president of ICOMOS Andorra

Video of speech

10:20 / Traditional agricultural landscapes and the role of women

Wendy Cruz. Vía Campesina in Honduras

Video of speech

10:40 / The central role of women in the agricultural and co-operative system in the production of Argan oil 

Mina El Mghari. University of Rabat
Amal El Hantati. President of the Argan oil women's co-operative (Morocco)

Video of speech

11:00 / Coffee break

11:30 / Collective management of Mediterranean dry stone agricultural landscapes

Eleni Pankgratiou. Architect. Assistant secretary of the Société scientifique pour l'étude pluridisciplinaire de la Pierre Sèche (S.P.S)

Video of speech

11:50 / Debate

Video of debate

13:00 / Lunch
15:30 / Guided trips (simultaneous)

  • Visit to the Vilella Baixa (mill) - Gratallops (Vínicola del Priorat, co-operative) and “Els Escurçons” belonging to the Perez-Ovejero family - Celler Mas Martinet.
  • Visit to La Bisbal de Falset (oil, co-operativism, organic livestock, dry stone landscape).
  • Visit to Cornudella and Siurana (organic livestock and commercialisation of locally-sourced products).
  • Visit to Masroig-els Guiamets-Capçanes-Falset (polyculture, co-operativism and family farms).

20:00 / Tastings and official symposium evening meal. Hall in Falset Castle





The Spanish State has three sites inscribed on the GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, of FAO): the Agricultural System of Valle Salado de Añana, Malaga Raisin Production System in La Axarquía and the Agricultural System Ancient Olives Trees Territorio Sénia.

Argan, practices and know-how concerning the argan tree was inscribed in 2014 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO).


10 May 2019

BLOCK 2. Agricultural models for resilient, profitable landscapes

Presented and moderated by Maria Rovira. Unió de Pagesos (Farmers' Union)

9:00 / Alternative agri-food production and consumption models to improve local development processes

Representant of Agroecology Europe

Video of speech

9:20 / The role of governance in agricultural commercialisation and food systems

Mirene Begiristain. Doctor in Economy. University of the Basque Country

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9:40 / Domestic agriculture. Women's access to the land and to entrepreneurship

Roamba Ouédraogo Maimounata. Under-Secretary-General of the Association Bi-Songo (Burkina Faso)
Marie Guigma. Women’s Mobilisation Secretary

Video of speech

10:00 / The universal recognition of the values of agricultural cultural landscapes

Isabelle Anatole-Gabriel. Chief of the Europe and North America Unit at the World Heritage Centre, UNESCO

Video of speech

10:20 / Debate
11:20 /Coffee break

BLOCK 3. The governance of agricultural landscapes

Presented and moderated by: Roser Vernet. Coordinator of Prioritat

11:50 / The experience of land banks in the Galicia

Cristina Zolle. Técnica de Estudios y Dinamización. Axencia Galega de Desenvolvemento Rural (AGADER)

Video of speech

12:10 / Co-operativism and women in an agricultural cultural landscape in World Heritage

Nídia Cabrera Huerta. Administrator of the “Valle de Viñales” Cultural Landscape (Pinar del Río, Cuba)

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12:30 / Co-operativism as an integrating model

Marina Vilaseca. L’ARADA. Creativitat Social

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12:50 / Debate

Video of debate

14:00 / Lunch

All those attending will be handed out the main points debated, as a basis for the final debate and for the conclusions.

15:00 / Guided trip to the Cartoixa d’Escaladei (Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria d’Escaladei)

BLOCK 4. The agricultural cultural landscape of priorat

Presented and moderated by Isabel Salamanya. Geographer. University of Girona

16:00 / Exceptionalities of the Priorat agricultural sector

Joan Queralt. The Priorat Office of the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food

Video of speech

16:20 / Tradition and innovation in small-scale agriculture

Sara Pérez. Wine grower and oenologist

Video of speech

16:40 / Priorat Agricultural Forum

Ferran Mestres. Instructor at the Priorat Agricultural Forum

Video of speech

17:00 / The Priorat Land Bank

Mireia Vilamala and Isabel Ayala. Responsible for the Priorat Land Bank

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17:20 / Debate
18:00 / General debate

Montse Serra. Journalist
Mercè Folch. Journalist
Toni Orensanz. Journalist

Video of debate

19:00 / Closure and presentation of the exposition catalogue 'El Priorat per Josep Subirats'

Video of the closure