In a globalised world, in which the survival of group identities and the necessary connection and exchange strive to exist in harmony, there are resilient agricultural models which, based on tradition and innovation, show the feasibility of systems that adapt to the idiosyncrasy of the territories and provide the people living in them and building them, day by day, with a dignified living. They are models in which the direct relation between people and their environment is ancestral, present and alive, and in which the role of women is of great importance, both in everyday practice, as well as in transmitting knowledge.

The Symposium aims to create links between landscapes, initiatives and projects from all over the world that work towards the recognition of these agricultural models, their feasibility, and the safeguarding of the irreplaceable biocultural capital they represent.



The Symposium is structured into four blocks: values, model, governance and the agricultural cultural landscape of Priorat. The main themes of the Symposium (landscape, agriculture and women) will be presented and worked on in a transversal way in the four blocks.



Agricultural landscapes suited to the idiosyncrasy of the territories generate a system of values of their own. What are these values? What role have women played —and still play? The knowledge —and recognition— of these values can contribute to the transition towards a new model of collective values that need to be reincorporated, promoted and reinforced.



What are the key components for maintaining and promoting a feasible agricultural and territorial model? In this block, the model as an expression of the practice of agricultural activity, of the role of its stakeholders, of the important role of women and of the resulting landscapes will be discussed.



Coordination, cooperation and concentration between the diverse administrations, at different levels, and with the communities and their social and economic agents are essential for the correct functioning and feasibility of a certain agricultural landscape. In this block, the necessary relations between the stakeholders for a collective management and action on the landscape that contrasts with the more unilateral and hierarchical approaches will be spoken about.


The agricultural cultural landscape of Priorat

The aim of this block is to get to know, share and discuss on experiences and initiatives that make up the agricultural landscape model of Priorat and its management, which could be interesting to generate enriching exchanges with other landscapes in the world.

Photography / Júlia Viejobueno

The host landscape: the agricultural cultural landscape of Priorat

The agriculture in Priorat has shaped its landscape based on a land with a strong personality. The mosaic which makes it up and gives it its identity is replicated in such a way and with such energy that, later, it is reflected in the richness of its agricultural heritage and its tangible and intangible cultural heritage. In a clearly delimited, reduced area, a diversity of expressions live together constituting a whole, made up of remnants and scraps, of pieces which, together and in a supportive way, compose the agricultural cultural landscape of multiple crops and of Mediterranean mosaic. This landscape reflects a certain model in which the human aspect of the agricultural activity harmonises with this mosaic made up of small pieces. To this end, the agricultural landscape of Priorat can offer its grain of sand to the agricultural systems of the world and showcase this model.

General information

Target audience

The Symposium is aimed at a broad, diverse public: inhabitants of Priorat, the rest of Catalonia, Spain, the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, related to agriculture. From farmers to specialists in the main themes that the Congress deals with, as well as the institutions and national and international administrations responsible for the sectorial policies in these areas.


There will be simultaneous interpretation in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.


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Priorat / Catalunya